Can-Am Maverick Sport Tinted UTV Roof

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  • Made of 1/4" dark-tinted polycarbonate

  • Gives you full visibility and awareness

  • Keeps out sun, rain, and debris

  • Heavy-duty steel clamps keep roof secure

  • Sealed edges to prevent leaking

  • Snug, rattle-free fit

  • Easy to install—includes all hardware and instructions


Get Closer to Nature
You ride to enjoy nature and all it has to offer. So why not equip your side-by-side with something that makes you feel even closer to the great outdoors? Adding SuperATV’s Tinted Roof to your Can-Am Maverick Sport gives you the protection you need without sacrificing that open-cab feeling. Its durable build holds up against rough weather and even rougher riding, and the tinted polycarbonate gives you full visibility of your surroundings.

Keep That Open-Cab Feel
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice that open-cab feeling in the name of comfort. That’s what’s so great about a clear roof—you can still see what’s above, whether it’s a bright blue sky or that massive hill you’re about to tackle. The dark tint also protects against UV rays. No matter how you look at it, this side-by-side roof makes your ride safer.

Ultra-Strong Tinted Polycarbonate
We make this UTV roof using 1/4” dark-tinted polycarbonate. We love polycarbonate because of its superior impact strength. At 250 times stronger than glass, this polycarbonate roof can handle a rollover or two without breaking. The tint reduces glare and UV exposure so you’ll ride easy on even the sunniest days. And our heavy-duty clamps and sealed edges give you a rattle-free and leak-proof ride every time.

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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