Eco Timber Sled

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  • Brand: ECO

  • Material: Steel

  • Surface: Galvanized

  • Capacity: 500 kg

  • Weight: 92 kg

  • Product dimensions: 4000 x 830 x 800 mm

  • Packed dimensions: 1500 x 960 x 500 mm



A sled with skis for transporting logs up to 5 metres. The sled consists of two swivel jointed freight frames with an adjustable gap allowing for the adjustment of the sled length according to the length of the transportable logs. Removable spacers facilitate the loading of the cargo. Suitable for use coupled with an ATV, UTV, snowmobile or small tractor.


  • Removable & turnable cargo frames 760 x 400 mm (2 pcs).

  • Runner skis 200 x 1250 mm (4 pcs).

  • Adjustable cargo frame distance (1700mm - 2350mm).

  • Suitable for logs up to 5 meters long.

  • Equipped with 25mm/1' inner diameter eyelet for the pin-type hitch to use with snowmobiles and small tractors.

  • Equipped with ball type 50 mm (2') hitch coupling to use with the ATV/UTV.

  • Height adjustable towbar.

  • Tie-down loops for cargo straps.

  • The total length of the sled/trailer is adjustable 4200 - 4800 mm

  • Assembly manual included.

  • Galvanized and powder-coated steel construction

  • Plastic ski slides

  • Removable struts

  • The set includes a coupling for a 50mm ball hitch and towing eyelet for a pin-type hitch connection

  • Timber ski sled to use with snowmobiles, compact tractors, ATV-s and UTV-s

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