Polaris General 4 Heavy Duty Prop Shaft UTV Rhino Driveline

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Rhino Driveline Shaft:

  • Shaft diameter is .5” larger than stock

  • Shaft wall is .120” vs stock’s .088”

  • Made of 4130 chromoly tubing (stock is plain carbon steel)


  • Uses a strong and versatile CV joint

  • Made of 4340 chromoly steel

  • Sealed for any riding environment

  • No vibrations, no wobble, no maintenance


  • Uses a traditional needle-bearing U-joint

  • Made of 4340 chromoly steel

  • Phased and balanced—no vibration

  • Sealed for long lasting operation


A Stronger Prop Shaft
It’s time to take your Polaris General 4 1000 to the next level with a Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft from SuperATV. Rhino Prop Shafts are made stronger than OEM and come paired with C-Series CV joints or U-series U-joints that wear less and run smooth. Bolster your driveline’s backbone with SuperATV’s expertise. Upgrade to a Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft and drive your 4-seater General like you never could before.

Superior Construction
We built Rhino Driveline prop shafts with .120” tube walls and a 1.75” diameter tube. That’s bigger and thicker than your OEM prop shaft. It’s also made of chromoly steel alloy unlike your OEM carbon steel prop shaft. That makes it strong enough to take on creeks, rocks, mud, and hills. It’s built for the way you ride.

For ultimate strength and protection, get a C-Series prop shaft. The C-Series uses a CV joint built with a chromoly cage, spider, and cup, just like an axle, for superior strength. The high-quality boot keeps out mud, water, and dirt. The constant velocity of the CV means no rattle, wobble, or balance issues are possible. It’s the ultimate joint, and the smart choice for any ride style.

U-Series U-joints are just like your stock U-joints but stronger. The U-Series uses needle bearings, just like OEM, but are made with a superior 4340 chromoly steel body. They’re a solid upgrade for riders who are tired of replacing stock U-joints.

Carrier Bearing
Rhino Driveline Prop Shafts are compatible with SuperATV Carrier Bearings only. Don't worry, they're the best you can get, and you can save when you bundle with your Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft.

Our Heavy-Duty Carrier Bearings make maintenance and installation a breeze with a greaseable, self-aligning bearing and a two-piece cast or billet aluminum design.

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Polaris General 4 2017-2020


Rhino Driveline Prop Shafts are compatible with SuperATV Carrier Bearings only.

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